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We create everything. From disease, pain to joy and love. 

Once we become conscious, we become aligned with our natural state and all choices from the food we eat, to our thoughts and feelings, to our vitality are made consciously. 

Alma Deli is more than just a plant-based food brand, we are on a journey to integrate all parts of the self: body, mind & soul. This integration is both internal and external. 

Alma Deli is a plant based food concept and research lab. 

Alma Deli creates its own base formulas, creating 7 box offers. Each box is inspired by one of the 7 Chakras. Chakras are energy centers balancing body, mind and soul. In addition Alma Deli serves breakfast, snacks and beverages.

Alma Kids is an initiative to create and support consciousness from a young age. Creativity and information are key in our evolution, balance and elevation.

We are on a journey to discover the soul formula. So we created The Lab, a place where spirit & science work hand and hand. Together with scientists, naturopaths, mentors, designers, biologists, professors and shamans we learn and grow everyday as we journey further into finding solutions for the balance and well being of each of us.

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