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No need to get up: Maximise that laidback feeling

One benefit of wanting to take it easy is that you can try out a new tension-relieving technique at the same time. Horizontal healing…

AB Amelia Bell

Feeling groggy? Here’s what a doctor orders…

The third Monday in January is Blue Monday and, if you haven’t slept well, that downer day is going to feel worse. Here, a GP shares 7 ways to deal…

AB Amelia Bell

Losing it in lockdown? Train to be mindful to ease the strain

Is your mind running riot in lockdown? An expert mindfulness teacher says it takes practice to ease the strain. Like a tennis player, getting on court and getting shots, putting in time equals results.

CC Claire Coakley

How the right nutrition combats stress and enhances immunity

How we eat affects our response to stress and keeps our immune system fighting fit. These simple tricks will help you use that to your advantage.

CL Clarissa Lenherr

Up and onwards: Wake up to 2021

Make mornings matter with a mindset or brew. Harnessing energy or healing heartache? Here’s the expert advice for first things first…

CC Claire Coakley

Jake Quickenden: Bares all from the heart

Jake's new ITV primetime show is a brave choice as both he and his castmates drop their kit to raise awareness.

CC Claire Coakley

8 great Black Friday wellness brand deals

The hottest health and wellness discounts to see you through from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

RW Rachel V Wall

5 ways interior design can improve your wellness

It makes sense when you think about it - compare how you feel in a busy, noisy space with being in a library or by the sea… Our surroundings definitely influence what’s happening in our minds.

WE W Editor

Lunar tunes: Moon rituals to get in touch with your celestial side

If your tolerance of astrology and all things deemed woo-woo is low, this millennial-led lunar trend will leave you in the dark. If you're open to tuning in we'll show you how to feel over the moon.

RW Rachel V Wall

Flora Beverley: Why it's cool to be kind

The first Social Media Kindness Day has seen high-profile support (including a post from Meghan Markle) and inspires words of wisdom from W Edit's own Flora Beverley.

FB Flora Beverley

Achilles healing: Gurls' talk

Face up to election fever and Lockdown the Sequel with our series on personal stories of winning over the weakest link.

CC Claire Coakley

Simple steps to deal with feeling worked-up about overwhelm

Experiencing that overwhelming feeling is normal but not necessary. Here’s how to see the wood for trees, whatever the world throws at you.

RW Rachel V Wall

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