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Freed of London

Photographer Rich Maciver gets to observe and shoot the master craftsmen that make the world's leading ballet pointe shoes at their Hackney workshop.

PF Photographic feature

How to take your running to the next level

Ramp up your running regimen with London-based PT Rachael Penrose, who shows how to change your pace when it comes to a challenge.

RP Rachael Penrose

Nailing a workout with a baby

The arrival of a baby doesn’t have to mean the end of workouts. Pre and postnatal fitness coach Sophie Kay shares ways to keep moving with a little one in tow.

SK Sophie Kay

Grndhouse: Stay strong with a star squad

Grndhouse aims to make strength your superpower. Jay Copley reveals why he’s behind the newest online fitness studio to build your endurance, stability and progress. 2021 – Bring it on.

CC Claire Coakley

Berry Christmas! Fit as fifty

Currently filling our boots (not trainers) for Christmas before we commit to a Halle new year. If it looks like this, that’s inspo enough for us.

LM Lucy Miller

Merry Christmas to your core: Stream workouts not boxsets

Motivated to keep festive fit? Follow Lawrence, Rhiannon, Zoë, Lottie-Daisy & Ben for inspo and healthy habits…

LM Lucy Miller

Roger Frampton on the magic of daily stretching

Why is the stretch moving centre-stage in fitness routines? Model and movement coach Roger Frampton explains the extend factor.

RW Rachel V Wall

The Power of Bootcamps by One Element

The beauty of training in the Great British outdoors this winter.

WE W Editor

Self-love: Bodyweight training is all about you

Slug it out with Leon, jump with Artur and follow Tara's Body to beef up your bodyweight training.

LM Lucy Miller

Cristian MJC challenges himself (and lockdown) with CrossFit

Challenging times call for challenges, if you’re Christian MJC. Here, he reveals how 30 days of CrossFit led him to further challenge himself and how it sorts both lockdown boredom and an unfit physique.

RW Rachel V Wall

Finlay Quaile: A model pro hockey player

At 20, Finlay Quaile is leading in his field (hockey) when he plays for St Germain in Paris. In a 60-minute game he can cover up to 9km so, to stay at peak fitness, he steps away from alcohol and fast food and trains intensely. Here’s how…

RW Rachel V Wall

8 great Black Friday wellness brand deals

The hottest health and wellness discounts to see you through from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

RW Rachel V Wall

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