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How the right nutrition combats stress and enhances immunity

How we eat affects our response to stress and keeps our immune system fighting fit. These simple tricks will help you use that to your advantage.

CL Clarissa Lenherr

Biohack your way to better health

Biohacking – the wellness buzzword that’s got us feeling all scientific. Here, nutritionist Clarissa Lenherr shares how to get started.

CL Clarissa Lenherr

Manage your IBS this Christmas

Nutritional therapist Claire Barnes shares how sufferers of IBS can avoid the digestive drama this Christmas.

WE W Editor

Hard to stomach: Tips to digest those festive favourites

The three festive foods that could be behind your digestive discomfort this Christmas.

RW Rachel V Wall

Ho ho glow: Face up to the holiday season

You can win over ‘wine face’ during the Holidays with expert skincare tips from a holistic therapist. Plus ideas for gifting that glow…

AB Amelia Bell

Make mine a large one: Hard seltzer can lighten up your festive drinking

In terms of booze and calories, a spiked seltzer can lighten the load of your festive drinking. Some brands offer cocktail recipes, too, because low alcohol doesn’t mean the aesthetic has to suffer. Grab a glass!

RW Rachel V Wall

In the mood for high-vibe food

When your gut feeling leads the way in the kitchen, your mind and body will love you for it.

UB Ursel Barnes

The breakfast (and pasta dish) of champions

When your partner is a pro athlete and you’re a food blogger, the kitchen is where the magic happens. Camilla shows how she and Pablo stay on the right track at home in Barcelona.

CL Camilla J Lovell

8 great Black Friday wellness brand deals

The hottest health and wellness discounts to see you through from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

RW Rachel V Wall

How much protein do you actually need?

The Naked Nutritionist shares his protein 101.

RW Rachel V Wall

Posts from Portugal by Camilla Lovell

On a road trip to Portugal our foodie contributor Milly takes pitstops for vegan takes on traditional dishes, a rockstar chef's menu and for surf's up!

CL Camilla J Lovell

Have you blacklisted gluten? Read this before parting ways with wheat

Can going gluten free do more harm than good? It's certainly big business.

RW Rachel V Wall

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