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Manage your IBS this Christmas

Nutritional therapist Claire Barnes shares how sufferers of IBS can avoid the digestive drama this Christmas.

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The Power of Bootcamps by One Element

The beauty of training in the Great British outdoors this winter.

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Protect your teeth from a prosecco smile this Christmas

Award-winning hygienist and founder of London Hygienist, Anna Middleton, and periodontist Dr Reena Wadia, share their 6 top tips on how to protect your teeth during the season of good food, wine and sweet treats.

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5 ways interior design can improve your wellness

It makes sense when you think about it - compare how you feel in a busy, noisy space with being in a library or by the sea… Our surroundings definitely influence what’s happening in our minds.

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Meet Dr Frankie: Lessons from the frontline

Francesca Jackson-Spence is an NHS junior doctor whose rota includes A&E in a London hospital. As a health expert for Femfresh, she aims to bust taboos on women's health topics and shares her best-life advice here at W Edit.

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Boxing clever: Taking on the world

On her route to the Muay Thai world championship, Ruqsana Begum had to fight more than her opponents. In her new book, she describes her fight to win.

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