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Violet Beverley & Zoë Snowball on neon

CC Claire Coakley

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Neon is a summer beauty staple set to stay around and, for autumn, orange is a colour trend to try out too. Here are tips and tricks to make it work. Time to throw some shade.

Violet Beverley

Fitness model and influencer Vio will soon be back at Edinburgh University, after spending summer sharing makeup looks with her followers.  She threw some serious shade at natural looks and went bold with neon. “I’d describe my makeup looks as ‘fun but aesthetic’ as I try to colour coordinate everything while still creating looks that pop,” she says.

And neon, in splices or as a winged liner, certainly nails that pop effect. Yes, it works well on nails and gives punch to your pout via lipstick. But now masks means the eyes have it as a focal point. 

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trying new things 🤠

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“Here, I've used orange shades; orange is opposite to blue on the colour wheel and so it makes my blue eyes pop. (This is a top tip of mine - find out what colour is opposite your eye colour.)

Bright coloured looks get more engagement on my feed, I guess because they grab the attention. Also, a lot of people might be too scared to try them themselves. I too ummed and ahhed over over doing neon before I bought any adventurous makeup. Since then I've had a lot of fun with it. 

- In terms of technique, I'm a bit haphazard, so I'll find a photo of a look on IG and try whatever it takes to get me there! I've learned a few tricks – I used this for the shimmery orange look:

- Take some Sellotape or masking tape and stick it in line with your lower lashline out to your temple. Do this and you can pack colour on all over the eyelid, then it still looks super neat when you remove the tape. 

- Matte shadows are my favourite as they are bolder, then I can add some glitter on the inner corner of my eye for some sparkle.

Find out what colour is opposite your eye colour

- Find out what colours are opposite your eye colour on the colour wheel - these will be your go-to. For example, terracotta and orange make my blue eyes stand out and pink is perfect for green eyes. 

- Use a white or beige colour as a base to ensure your shadow shows its true colour. This base can be a white eyeshadow, or lighter concealer on darker skin tones.

- Poorly pigmented shadows will make you look washed out, but BeautyBay and Morphe do great palettes which aren't super expensive.

- If you want a hint of neon, dip a concealer brush into pigment and press into the inner corner of your eyes.

- Wear a subtle lipstick to keep the focus on your neon eyes.

Mahina Makeup

Mahina, who's worked with Hailey Baldwin Bieber, says:

“Be creative with it. Explore new techniques and think outside of the box. Here, I used OPV Beauty’s eyeshadow, gently pressed onto the eyelids. Then a warm transition shade in the crease to give it a seamless effect. To set the look apart from a basic cut-crease neon look, I lightly dusted the neon powder underneath the eyes to give it that dramatic look.”

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Neon Eyes and Under Eyes ✨

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Zoë Yudowi

Zoë is a model and ballet dancer from London.

“Yes, neon is a bold look but I'd advise anyone to just try it out. I enjoy how you can incorporate neon into simple or super glam makeup and it still makes the entire look pop.

Maybe begin with a liquid liner, coloured kohl pencil or mascara. Add a tiny flick of neon to the outside of your eyes, perhaps a tiny dot underneath in the lash line. Or simply change the colour of your lashes to a blue or purple. Neon doesn’t have to be over the top to make a statement.

Flash your lash

For me, makeup allows me to feel beautiful and creative simultaneously. It is always a form of self-expression for me and never used as a mask. I feel most confident when my makeup turns out just how I envisioned. If it matches my outfit too? I’m invincible!”

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Neon at A/W 20 shows

For new autumn term-time, we can fill our make-up bags with fresh neon pencils. Designers doing bold beauty for autumn include Self-Portrait and Helmut Lang, while at Chromat they showed bright flashes to co-ord with trainer stripes.

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Violet Beverley & Zoë Snowball on neon

CC Claire Coakley

Photography courtesy of Getty Images

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