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The Power of Bootcamps by One Element

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Getting outside is great for our health so why not up the ante and exercise there too? Thanks to the unique challenges of 2020, bootcamps are booming across the UK and, promising a workout, dose of nature and a socially distanced laugh with some like-minded folk – we wholeheartedly approve. Here One Element Clapham shares the magic of bootcamps. 

Train with a group for community spirit

Bootcamps provide a unique opportunity to train with other people. At One Element, our philosophy is what sets us apart as we place a huge emphasis on community. We pride ourselves on our social atmosphere, because we know that exercising amongst a group of positive individuals is far more rewarding and enjoyable than going solo. 

We all know that one person in a handful who finds exercise enjoyable. This crowd finds it easy to stick to a consistent exercise routine and achieve their wellness goals. They seem to have an innate ability that separates them from the rest of us. But what about those of us who know we should be working out but find it hard to make it a habit? We need something extra to feel empowered to exercise regularly. 

That’s why at One Element we make exercise and fitness enjoyable through the power of community. We strive to create a positive and energetic atmosphere at every session and we hone in on teamwork and friendly competitiveness. The positive camaraderie is infectious; it leaves our members feeling liberated after every session as the endorphins rush through their bodies. This, and knowing that your friends are going to be at that early morning session, cheering you on when the going gets tough will undoubtedly drive your motivation to exercise to an all new high.

Get outside to see results of all kinds

It’s more important now than ever to get outside whenever possible, as pandemics sweep the globe and we enter an age that makes it all the more challenging to escape digital demands. 

How did people stay healthy, active and disease free before gyms, studios and live-streamed workouts? They connected with the great outdoors, areas like fields, beaches or parks, and experienced a whole host of benefits that they probably didn’t realise were so valuable – because they were the norm. I bet they lived considerably healthier lives, physically, emotionally and mentally than us as we face the challenges of avoiding hours on end spent inside or in front of a screen. 

Similarly, our approach at One Element is to encourage our members to enjoy the outdoors. We maximise our time spent in the now limited areas of natural beauty that remain tucked away amongst the concrete jungle that is London. This is because there’s a plethora of research that supports the advantages that come with time spent exercising outdoors, like an improved immune system, boosted mood and energy and higher levels of vitamin D.

Introducing One Element Clapham

The core purpose of One Element Clapham is to empower our members to live healthier, happier, more active lifestyles. It is our mission to serve as many people as possible to find an exercise and fitness routine that has multi-faceted benefits. We’ve already helped hundreds of members experience not just physical but also mental, social and emotional improvement – which is how we know that our programme is hugely successful.

The classic One Element HIIT session is fast paced, challenging but always adapted to allow anyone to take part. Our social fitness community meets at Clapham Common four times a week (Monday & Wednesday at 6.30pm, Friday at 7.30am and Saturday at 9am) and we also hold regular socials. You can try out a session for FREE by signing up here. And you can quote ‘Wellness Edit’ to get a discount on your first month of training!

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The Power of Bootcamps by One Element

WE W Editor

Presented By

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