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Supergym: Shaping up gets smart

CC Claire Coakley

Photography courtesy of Steven Joyce


The KX 360-degree programme will manage you like a pro.

Chelsea’s KX Gym & Spa is a beauty of a club where workouts stand out, thanks to state-of-the-art fitness tech and sleek interiors. Sessions from barre to martial arts and Olympic lifting are optimised for the fit aiming for ultimate goals, with a team of expert trainers.

Its South Kensington location means it’s a local for certain Royal connections and was where a now-LA based prince prepped to be wedding fit in 2018. Many KX Life members make those changing rooms look like backstage at the Oscars.

Names dropped in the Press include Hugh Grant, Eddie Redmayne and Gwyneth Paltrow, with David Beckham was included among its athletic elite. 

The Spa at KX is open to non-members, to everyone looking for excellence. It combines ancient Eastern healing and cutting-edge Western treatments, with a team including a top-class fleet of experts in fields from nutrition to massage and age management. The menu will make a savyy spa trekker’s mouth water with choice while access to medical services, including oesteopaths and a doctor, are reassuring for those wanting a physical MOT.


Around the corner, on Pavilion road SW1, KXU is a sister club where over 20 different sessions are pay as you go. Its New York gym vibe resonates with model girls about town and everyone looking to sweat, stretch and build strength.  Its highly desirable extras include an infrared sauna and cryotherapy chamber, with a squad of popular PTs including Alex Rogers.

KX opened in 2002 as the brainchild of Simon and Karen Fry, with world champion kickboxer Cengiz Dervis, to provide the best in the wellness, beauty and fitness. It started on a small scale, with six of the UK’s most highly regarded trainers, a nutritionist, a small café and physical and holistic therapy areas. The club’s  all-round approach to delivering the best in wellness beauty and fitness was established from the start. 

KX, pronounced ‘Kicks’ by members, has now grown to have a full restaurant, spa and gym with various training studios. Here, CEO Graziano Arricale, tells us more…

What is the KX mission for 2021?

We’re excited to launch the new Red Fit Cardio 7-Day Detox. Moderate cardio exercise is combined with photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT), delivered in the new KX Red Fit Lab – a therapeutic studio with surround red and infrared lights. PBMT is the technical term for Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), and it utilises low level lasers or LEDs to improve mitochondira function. This leads to increased energy production, a reduction in pain and inflammation, and possibly even tissue repair. The Red Fit Lab is the first of its kind in Europe.


We also have a new head chef in the kitchen, William Best (previously of The Square and Ritz Hotel), whose new menu shows seasonality and sustainability is key. We’re focusing on plant-based dishes, such as miso celeriac ‘lasagne’ and our vegan club sandwich. It’s food that’s good for your health as well as the environment.

The Vital diet, which is closely related to the Sirtfood diet, will also be launching this year. It works by revitalising Nrf2, a protein which regulates the expression of antioxidant proteins, known as the ‘guardian’ of the body’s response to stress and inflammation. 

Finally, there are new, cutting-edge treatments at KX Spa, including a series of super advanced facials (unique to KX) and a revamped facial peels programme. The great thing about the Spa is that it’s open to non-members.

What’s your workaday tip?

Stay hydrated. I’m half Italian and a coffee enthusiast, so this is especially important for me. 

How has KX pivoted recently? 

The restaurant at KX has remained opened for delivery, and we’ve ensured to offer special menus (such as Thanksgiving), alongside daily dining and food packages. I think it’s important to continue marking even small celebrations – we all need something to look forward to.

While the gym has been closed, we offer virtual or one to one outdoor PT to ensure our members can maintain peak physical fitness. The Spa has remained open for medical procedures and rehabilitation treatments – if someone requires urgent care, it’s essential they are able to access it.

As CEO, what’s been your high?

I’ve now presided over several lockdown closures and re-openings which have been tough on the whole team. It is wonderful to see how happy our staff and members are to be back in the Club. KX is a home away from home.

Where is wellness heading?

I think an holistic approach to wellness will become ever more important. The future of medicine will be more preventative, both in terms of nutrition, testing and diagnostics, including regular testing and quarterly full-body MOTs for rapid detection and quick treatment. My team and I are currently working on launching KX Medical, which will give our members access to medical-grade blood panels and diagnostics. 


Any feelgood client feedback? 

Many of our members are international and travel frequently. Many tell me they feel as though KX is their family in London – our staff really take care of you and are always prepared to go the extra mile. 

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Supergym: Shaping up gets smart

CC Claire Coakley

Photography courtesy of Steven Joyce

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