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Rory McCall: Looking low-key and lifting heavy

WE W Editor

Photography courtesy of Barney Oates


Rory takes time out from his busy schedule modelling, training hard and launching a new fashion brand, to chat with W Edit.

When it comes to nutrition, I have three main meals a day with a couple of healthy snacks in between. My meals throughout the week are pretty similar and have become almost habitual over the years, but it’s what I enjoy and it works for me. I’m not super strict either and I like to have my fair share of treats. I have a weakness for brownies or any sweet bakery item really. I sometimes eat whole boxes of granola too.

A box of granola in one sitting? Surprisingly easy! Rory McCall

Yeah, usually in one sitting, it's surprisingly easy. But, just to clarify, this isn't a daily routine thing. I train pretty hard most days and have enough knowledge about nutrition so that I can get away with doing things like this, now and then, without it really affecting me. It's all about having that balance and moderation and knowing what works for you.

What’s your workout?

In terms of a daily training routine, I do my workouts in the morning as I feel this sets me up for a good day. As much as training is physical, I find it has a much greater impact on my mental wellbeing. And, with everything that’s going on right now, I feel that exercise of any type is so important and needs to be a priority. 

Tell us about LO-KI London


Keeping it low-key is what we do. I’ve tried to create things that I’d wear and think are cool. Rory McCall

In the new LO-KI London 13-piece line, there are hoodies, sweatshirts and T-shirts. As our website says, keeping it low-key is what we do, with minimalist designs. I started LO-KI because I was frustrated by how hard it was to find simple, high-quality and well-fitting clothing from one store that wasn’t ridiculously expensive. We use quality materials, while always keeping the designs as minimalist (and low-key) as possible. I’ve tried to create things that I’d wear and think are cool, in hope that other people think the same.

I also ensured there was some consideration for the environment when I created the brand, as it obviously isn’t in the greatest shape, and I believe that any new business should account for this. All LO-KI pieces are made using organic and recycled materials. Sustainability and environmentally friendly are core to the brand.

It is special to me because it’s something I created by myself from scratch. Despite all the ups and downs, and doubting myself along the way, I managed to persevere and build something that I can be proud of.

What do you think of modelling?

In the 18 months’ experience I’ve had so far I really enjoy it. I love meeting new people with interesting backgrounds, as well as the whole behind-the- scenes and creative aspects of a shoot, as you get to see everything that goes into creating the finished product. The ability to work with world renowned brands, such as Burberry and Reebok, that I truly relate to is pretty cool too. 

The prospect of potentially working with other big-name brands in the future is very exciting too and I'm looking forward to what more is to come!

What does 2021 look like for you?

To diversify in the future away from casual clothing. I'd love to create an activewear collection or something unrelated to clothing that still embodies that LO-KI (low-key) image. I have a few ideas but you'll just have to wait and see!

Also, I’ve fallen in love with long-distance running in the past few months too. Not only does it provide me with a physical and mental challenge, but it has also given me the structure, headspace and sense of fulfillment I’ve needed during these times.

Pushing through that mental barrier that’s telling you to stop? It’s a feeling that can’t be matched Rory McCall

Recently I completed my first 60km ultra marathon around London. Even though it was tough, I loved it overall as it was like a big adventure. It was made pretty special as my sister joined me the whole way for support. The rewarding feeling you get after pushing through that mental barrier that’s telling you to stop, in order to overcome the challenge, can’t be matched.


Picture 1 (Modelling) – This is from my first-ever modelling job with Men’s Health. It was a proud moment as a few months before I was working in computer sales in an office, sitting behind a desk, and could only dream of something like that happening. It proved to me to always follow your instinct and do what you enjoy, and good things will follow.


Picture 2 (LO-KI) – This is Jayden and I at the latest LO-KI photoshoot in the W Studio. I enjoyed directing the shoot and using my creativity to make my vision come to life. And it was fun!

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Rory McCall: Looking low-key and lifting heavy

WE W Editor

Photography courtesy of Barney Oates

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