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Merry Christmas to your core: Stream workouts not boxsets

LM Lucy Miller


Planning to keep festive fit this season? Here are top tips from W Models and Personal Trainers on adding healthy habits and motivation to your Christmas list.

Christmas is upon us, which usually means missed gym sessions and eating foods a little off-plan, but don’t panic.

PT & Coach Ben Gregory from Manor London points out that there’s no reason to fall off the fitness wagon during the festive season. “While you’re away from your usual gym and training routine, it’s always a good idea to set some small and manageable goals,” says Ben. “For example, set a goal of 12,000 steps per day or why not swap your usual gym workouts with some simple, home bodyweight workouts using high reps (20+)?

“These type of workouts don’t take long at all but still leave you with that satisfying afterburn of a good workout. It’s important to not get caught-up in feeling like because you’re not doing your normal gym routine, it’s pointless to do anything. We can have a plan B for every session and modify every workout to get at least some benefits for your health and fitness.”

Online and London-based personal trainer Lottie-Daisy also recommends that we don’t put too much pressure on ourselves. Christmas only comes once a year and it really is a time to do what you can. She says: “Walking, fitting in shorter workouts or simply starting the day with a little run is enough to help you mentally and physically over this period of time.”

Stream Peloton not Prime: Binge watch body workouts

Instead of bingeing on boxsets over the holidays why not try streaming the new exercise app One Peloton. The company isn’t all about the Peloton exercise bike, as it now offers a streaming destination for all kinds of fitness, from yoga to barre and weight training, and for exercise with or without equipment. You also have the Gymshark Conditioning App, which is now free. And we can’t forget good old Joe Wicks on YouTube too, can we?

Here’s how some W Models and PT's stay on track this Christmas.

Rhiannon Bailey

I get outside even if I do end up growing icicles at the end of my eyelashes

“As the days are darker and chillier, the motivation to keep fit can be a little harder. But, for me, fitness is a non-negotiable no matter the weather as there is no better feeling than that post-workout endorphin rush,” says Rhiannon.

“Home workouts are ideal for the festive period because you can do them when you want, with you favourite tunes on, and have the pure enjoyment of moving your body in your own space. If you need some motivation, then why not join an online fitness and wellness challenge to keep you inspired and accountable? There are plenty to choose from plus joining something like this gives you a goal to work towards while helping to boost that motivation.

As well as home workouts, a run is a great way to fit a workout in around your social life. I think it’s nice to get out even if I do end up growing icicles at the end of my eyelashes. Just remember to wrap up - it’s not bad weather, it’s just inappropriate clothing! So get your thermals on, gloves and hats, and whatever you need to help you tackle the crisp breeze. Keep your eye on the prize. That post-run hearty bowl of porridge is going to taste just amazing when you get home!”

45 minutes is all you need! Why not join a fitness challenge, such as Rhiannon’s Daily Bailey workouts, to boost motivation and keep that fire in your belly

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Lawrence Price

 “The festive season is all about combining the immediate joy of embracing all the things that make you happy at this time of year,” says Lawrence. “My top tip is to fully lean into that joy and be present with it. Stay consistent with your workouts and enjoy the effect that training has on your appetite. Yes, you may be eating all the food over Christmas, but know this is all part of the Christmas fun and combine the two. 

“Pencil in your sessions: Just two or three times a week while focusing on a compound muscle group to work each day is fine at this time of year, and plan them with more purpose and focus than ever before. You then have the green light to recover with some treats – mince pie anyone?

Lawrence suggests that you pick a compound muscle group to work each day and focus on that. Here, he hits legs with just four simple moves.

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Zoë Markos Thresher 

You can easily get a sweat on in 20 minutes. The only goal of mine is to get it done.

“The best way I’ve found to maintain a fitness routine during the festive period is by doing little, but doing it often,” explains Zoë. 

“I keep my goals small and manageable so I can fit exercise around festive activities, socialising and having some wind-down relaxation and recovery time. My exercise go-tos are a slow and gentle jog, a 20- minute HIIT session or some yin yoga. 

“Short sessions are great if you’re strapped for time and you can easily get a sweat on in 20 minutes. The only goal of mine is to just get it done, not worry about toning up or finding my way to a new yoga pose – that can wait until the New Year!” 

Moving my body every day keeps me happy (and sane!) so I try my hardest not to lose this healthy habit of mine over the Christmas season. It helps me begin the New Year in a good frame of mind.

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Christmas kit idea

As a PT, a skipping rope is on my Christmas list for portable kit. Skipping is fun and can burn as many calories as a 30-minute jog on the treadmill. I love the Crossrope, which comes with interchangeable ropes so you can skip using a light or heavy rope depending on your goals. It also has an app which offers free workouts and challenges to keep you motivated and accountable. LM

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Merry Christmas to your core: Stream workouts not boxsets

LM Lucy Miller

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