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Lunar tunes: Moon rituals to get in touch with your celestial side

RW Rachel V Wall

Moon work is shining in the zeitgeist with celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson using lunar light to enhance their health and wellbeing. In 2019 Jen told The New York Times she attends a 'goddess circle' event, which convenes around the time of a full or new moon, and the newspaper states the 'mystical services market' (including astrology) is worth around £1.6bn. 

Georgina Bulpett is co-founder of Daughters of the Rising Moon (DOTRM), a London-based brand that focuses on feminine healing through hosting lunar circles. She explains why her clients (mainly millennials) are currently paying attention to what shines above. “People are fed up with the way things have been. We’re moving back to basics, a lot more people are suddenly waking up and feeling drawn and connected to the moon.”

What can the moon do for me?

“The moon tells us about our emotions,” says Joanna Hansford, also co-founder of DOTRM. “Where your moon is in your chart explains how you handle your emotions, which is why if you learn about it, you can understand why you feel a certain way and use that knowledge to your advantage.”

“The moon goes through all the zodiac signs every month, so every two and a half days it will change,” Joanna says. “Every sign has a vibe or feeling to it,  for example Geminis are super chatty and communicative. The energy of the moon shifts as it moves through the signs, so when it’s in Gemini might be the best time to give a presentation or have difficult communications. But if the moon is in Aries – we might be more fiery or argumentative than usual.” 

For me, it’s interesting to think we could read the world in this way and make sense of those times when everyone we came into contact with was inexplicably furious, or the 48 hours of mysterious fatigue you shared with your colleagues a few months ago.  

Georgia explains: “You can educate yourself and think ‘I'm not actually crazy, I don't feel like this for no reason, it’s related to the moon, where it is and where my moon is. It gives you some control because you can harness the energy. Rather than feeling tired or overwhelmed, you can incorporate rest into your day and still get the best out of it, rather than being unaware of why you don’t want to get out of bed. This is the energy – so think ‘how can I use this to my advantage?” 

The basics of moon rituals

Just the word ritual can add an extra level of intensity that many aren’t ready for but, when it comes to the moon, rituals provide a beautiful opportunity to reflect and take stock. 

“A moon ritual, in a nutshell, is a conscious and purposeful ceremony or symbolic activity. An ideal time to do a ritual would be at the new moon and the full moon,” says Georgina. “A new moon is the beginning of a new cycle so we can set intentions and look forward to what the next cycle will bring.” Then when we reach the full moon, “it’s all about release, looking back and reflecting on what we want or don’t want to take forward”. 

Daughters of the Rising Moon prescribe being in nature, going for a walk, sitting in your garden at night, and journaling and meditation as some activities to help you contact your innermost self and expand your lunar horizons. “Looking out through a window or writing in a journal helps us to have that connection to ourselves,” says Joanna. “Then, when the next full moon or new moon occurs, you can join DOTRM for a goddess circle, a beautiful ritual led by the duo that provides “a supportive, open space to focus on sacred feminine healing”.

Manifest your goals

Manifestation is another element of the DOTRM experience. Recently, we associate it with the rich and famous, watching celebrities pinning pictures of Bentleys to a corkboard and telling us anything’s possible, “if we just visualise it hard enough”. 

Daughters of the Rising Moon are committed to a manifestation experience which helps their clients to set intentions and use their energy to work towards those goals. Co-founder Georgina is a life coach and Joanna says: “If you voice an intention, put it on paper and actively decide what it is that you want, it has a greater chance of coming true, regardless of the moons.

“We’re all distracted by our day-to-day lives and it’s really hard to accomplish our dreams, or give them space or time because we’re so busy doing the other things society told us was important.” So, we’re being encouraged to pay time and attention to our goals, rather than just letting them float around in our head soup? Suddenly manifestation seems worthy of our attention. 

Start with your birth chart

An essential piece of kit for anyone looking to the moon for personal influence is a birth chart. These allow us to take bespoke readings of the sky and “understand how the moon is affecting our lives on a very personal level,” Joanna says. “You will have a moon in a specific sign when you’re born, which provides an added layer of information that applies directly to you.”

If you’re committed to your cosmic education, book in with an astrologist who can create your personal birth chart. If you’re not there just yet, there are a number of apps that can create your birth chart and provide regular readings via notifications. DOTRM recommends Moon Calendar and Co-Star. All you do is input information about the time, date and place of your birth and you’ll receive daily updates.

Keiko Ariizumi is Japan's leading astrologer and million-copy selling author, with over 34k followers, who founded the Lunalogy method to attract fortune based on lunar cycles and energy. Her latest work is a manifestation technique called Power Wish which, according to de-clutter queen Marie Kondo, “can help people to make their dreams a reality'”. Keiko says she used the technique to direct her own reality: “I got into my first-choice college, got a job at the company I wanted to work for and struck out on my own at the perfect time.” Keiko also used Power Wish to win “the heart of the man I love”. Rider publishes The Power Wish in February 2021. 

The revelation that we should form a deeper connection with ourselves in order to understand what effect the moon might have on our lives makes planetoid probing a win-win situation – sceptic or not. So take a peek at your birth chart and let the new moons roll while heeding Georgina’s advice: “There is no pressure, follow your intentions and go with the flow, you don’t need to force it.” 

Daughters of the Rising Moon hold events every Full Moon from 8pm and tickets are priced under a ‘pay what you can’ policy.

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Lunar tunes: Moon rituals to get in touch with your celestial side

RW Rachel V Wall

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