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Kirby Anne gives W Edit a first look at her fashion line

CC Claire Coakley

Photography courtesy of Jose Pope ,

From ambassador to designer: Kirby Anne Akindeinde once modelled for Puma and now stocks their footwear on her own online store. Inspired to create a fashion and accessories collection of her own, here the model and PT launches her own line by kirbyanne. W Edit takes a first look…

What's your fit skill set?

I am a former three-times Yorkshire Champion for the triple jump and runner-up in long jump and I've trained in sprints for both events so athletics is definitely my expertise. I no longer compete but I love to run and I jump when I get the chance. I find running so calming; it's time set out for just me and my thoughts. 

I'm also a qualified personal trainer and I teach spin, TRX and a resistance-band sculpting class at London studio Core Collective. I've been a fitness ambassador for New Balance and Puma so I'm super excited to be stocking Puma footwear on the website! 

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COMFY, COSY & of course CUTE ✨

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What puts you on our radar?

I'm all about balance and you'll notice that on my IG feed. I love fitness, it's my passion, but I'm also a sucker for a night out and cheeky treats, and I don't try to hide that. The most important thing in life, for me, is to be happy. I hope anybody who visits my classes or does my online workouts feels happier after the workout because they had fun, as well as pushing their body and mind to new limits. I'm also a huge advocate of loving yourself. 

I've experienced backlash during my time in the modelling industry because of my height. (I'm 5'5” which is on the short side for a model.) But I always knew to keep pushing and I've now worked with some of the biggest brands in fitness and fashion. You have to believe in yourself as you are, not how people are telling you to look. I think social media is great but it definitely has some negatives too that can affect self-esteem.

You have to believe in yourself as you are

I want my brand by kirbyanne to be for every woman and for people to feel confident in the clothes. Our motto is 'sporty but cute because we combine fitness with fashion  you don't have to leave sports style in the gym. Our collections are sports-inspired but we have fun with it! 

I'm quite a positive person and I believe it's not the challenges you face but how you react to them that bring you out on top. Not everything will always go your way and that's a good thing because it can actually lead you onto better things and to see different perspectives. Positivity is key. So is action. by kirbyanne will be a huge achievement for me and it hasn't all gone plain sailing. It's something out of my comfort zone that I've worked hard to achieve, so I just hope that people love the brand as much as I do!

Share a four-week-to-fitter plan

I'm not a huge fan of quick-fix workout plans. Find what you love and that way it will become part of your lifestyle rather than something you stick at for a couple of weeks and can't keep up with. It has to be sustainable. Try out new classes and workouts - you might just find your new passion and it really could change the way you view exercise. 

Don't be tempted by fad diets as they're really not the best way to maintain your fitness and health goals. Balance is key. Don't beat yourself up if you have a naughty moment. You did it, enjoy it, then get back to it. Definitely don't let one moment of treating yourself result in you giving in for the entire day or week.

Motivational motto?

The by kirbyanne slogan is 'sporty but cute' and I think that sums up the brand (and me) me quite well! But my life motto would actually be: 'Know your worth.' This applies to your career, relationships, friendships, absolutely everything. It's very easy to put yourself down or feel that others are more deserving than you, but why? Always remember your worth and go out there and get what you deserve. My aim is that by kirbyanne will be a brand to empower women and I think, 'Know your worth' sits well with that.

by kirbyanne launches October 5th! Click below for details.

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Kirby Anne gives W Edit a first look at her fashion line

CC Claire Coakley

Photography courtesy of Jose Pope ,

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