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Keeping hair healthy during the colder months

RW Rachel V Wall

Winter weather can turn glossy locks into dragged-through-a-hedge hair, so we have expert techniques and product treats to restore a crowning glory.

We’re quite aware when it comes to our hair that heat can do a lot of damage but what about the effects of the wind, rain and other indicators of a glorious British winter in full swing? Haircare experts from Fudge and Electric show us five ways to protect hair from the elements. 

Slathering on facial moisturiser thrice daily can become standard as the weather turns colder and it turns out that hair needs the same level of tender loving care. The winter elements, responsible for flaky skin and chapped lips, are also doing a number on our barnet. Mark Woolley, founder and creative director of Electric, says: “Exposure to the wind, rain and varying temperatures can cause your hair to become dry, brittle, frizzy and unmanageable.” To address our troubled tresses, Mark prescribes these products and some tweaks to our haircare habits.  

The best of basics

Investing in the right kit is an important step on your quest for better hair. For starters consider the basics. Celebrity hair stylist Jonathan Andrew recommends Fudge Professional Damage Rewind Shampoo and Conditioner. “These are great because they instantly start to repair and correct hair, making it 75 per cent stronger after one use.” He explains that the ultimate goal here is “to repair and smooth the damaged cuticle in order to prevent frizz”.

Fudge Damage Rewind Reconstructing Shampoo

Break-up with split ends

After going back to basics, the next haircare aim is to avoid breakage. Mark recommends a nourishing mask, like the Electric ºC-1 Intensive Treatment Masque, to combat damage. This lightweight conditioning treatment is designed to restore hair back to health. “It’s packed full of moisturising lipids, vegetable proteins and wheatgerm oil which lock in moisture to leave your hair supremely smooth and glossy.”

Pair this with a leave-in conditioner with added heat protection to repair breakage and combat static. “I would recommend using the Electric P*-4 Preparation Spray,” Mark says. “It’s a multi-functional spray designed to leave hair feeling enhanced and significantly smoother and glossier immediately after application.”

Healthy habits

So, we’ve got all the gear but, maybe, not the clearest idea. Ever run out of the house with towel-dried hair and a square of toast hanging out your mouth? Mark doesn’t approve. “When hair is wet and cold, it can cause the hair shaft to expand which can lead to breakage and colour fading faster. So it’s important to dry hair thoroughly using a heat protector before going out in the cold weather.”

Winter warmers

“My top tip for the winter months is to treat yourself to that little bit extra, once or twice a week,” Jonathan says. “Whether you’re having a bath or shower, wash your hair and add conditioner or a mask, then tie up your hair and wrap it in a warm towel. Wait until the towel cools down, remove it and rinse your hair. The extra heat allows the product to penetrate the hair further, leaving it healthy and hydrated.” Just lay back, close your eyes and pretend you’re at the hammam.

Brush up well

As for your hairbrush, Mark recommends we put some thought into that too. He says: “If you want to create fantastic shine, try using a natural bristle brush to smooth and condition your hair cuticles.” 

When battling winter, haircare hacks including select products, the odd evening in wearing a leave-in mask and halting some bad habits (wet hair on the Tube – guilty!) are all it takes to give our strands a fighting chance. If you’re still struggling to make time for your mane, remember that hair is vulnerable and needs protecting. You wouldn’t walk the streets in a bikini during a snowstorm, so don’t ask your hair to do the same.  

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Keeping hair healthy during the colder months

RW Rachel V Wall

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