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Jonny Marsh is so moreish

Claire Coakley

What will Jonny Marsh bring to your table? Tales of super-yachts and stars (both Michelin and sports icons). Also, he'll help us to skill up in the kitchen. He knows about fuelling sports pros and PTs, with food full of nutritional value to improve performance. And his own training is seriously pedigree so it will impact your appetite too. From flavourbombs to healthy takes on classic dishes, Jonny's talent is definitely moreish.

Here are our 5 Marsh must-knows

I always wanted to be a chef but I was embarrassed to admit it when I was a teenager

1He's going places

“Every chef wants to take over the world. My job has taken me to places in the world I never thought I'd go to, done things I never thought I'd do and meet people I never thought I'd meet. I always wanted to be a chef but I was embarrassed to admit it when I was a teenager. I'd go and play football and I'd have a laugh but I really wanted to be cooking.”

Jonny spent the summer of 2015 as private chef on a superyacht in the Mediterranean and the 2018 World Cup cooking with Gary Neville on Sky. He's written newspaper columns and worked at the landmark restaurant, Belmond Le Manoir in Oxford.

But he chose to captain his own ship in the starry but stormy waters of professional chefs. And it can be rough out there. It's a high-pressure, competitive course, with critics' tongues as sharp as their knives and involves working hours which need serious stamina.

Now Jonny has a couple of businesses under his belt including a private dining service and a bespoke meal prep service in the works. (We'll let you know on launch day.) This is next-level meal prep. While some of the competition looks like a dog's dinner, Jonny's dishes are a feast for the eyes.

2His dog is also an IG star

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Bonnie girl 😍

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Johnny's chocolate labrador just turned one year old and she's still a bit at that puppy 'mad' stage. He takes her on a long walk every day and feeds her dried doggy food with water, with occasional beef and fish. When told of a UK magazine editor who gives her dogs homemade Beef Wellington, Jonny says: “That's nuts”. Yes, chef!

3He cooks, he scores!

Jonny is a Manchester-based United fan who cooks for some of the top Premier League players. He's the personal chef to Kevin de Bruyne, who, says Jonny, is “super chilled, super nice, really humble. He loves a carbonara – anything pasta based.”

And Kevin's just been voted Premier League's player of the year. “Well, I'm not saying Kev's good season was entirely to do with me, but I had a bit of an influence,”he says, with a smile. (Little bit.)

What does he serve up for other players? Paul Pogba loves a steak and the only complaint he's had came from Ilkay Gundogan. Jonny explains: “I did this fishcake for him which I was buzzing about because I sourced it from different suppliers. I used exotic fish including a smoky flavour in the cake and he absolutely hated it. I was devastated.”

4His skill set is seriously impressive

Jonny has trained with Raymond Blanc at Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons, the 2-Michelin starred restaurant in Oxford. He was the youngest chef to be offered such a prestigious apprenticeship and, in foodie terms, this is premier-league level. So we'll be asking him for some fine-dining hacks too.

5He knows his sports nutrition

Food for thought is important to Jonny. His dishes improve fitness performance, both mentally and physically. He does the Marsh makeover on his clients' favourites by “putting in as much good stuff as I can”. Recently he made a beetroot pasta lasagne with Quorn instead of beef and a spinach bechamel sauce. This plant based alternative to comfort food has nutritional hacks – the iron in the spinach makes up for what's lost from ditching the beef.

As the W Edit's super-skilled head chef, Jonny will bring us food news, tips and time-saving hacks. He'll change the perception that cooking top-level food, which is fit to eat, is difficult. And he might even share just what went on on that superyacht…

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