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Jake Quickenden: Bares all from the heart

CC Claire Coakley

The Real Full Monty is an Emmy-award winner that has seen celebrities strip in aid of cancer awareness campaigns and has been a make-a-date to view since the programme debuted in 2017. For 2020, the thrill stakes are raised as Monty gets its skates on and the cast performs on ice.

The female and male casts performing full-on bravely join, in freezing their bits off, on the show to raise awareness for breast, prostate and testicular cancer charities. With their inspiring personal stories, this is a thermal-free zone that will warm your heart.

Jake Quickenden takes to the rink alongside the men, led by Ashley Banjo, with rugby star Gareth Thomas, actor Jamie Lomas, jockey Bob Champion, Diversity’s Perri Kiely and Love Island’s Chris Hughes.

Jake has lost his father and brother to cancer. In Monty, he bares all – most inspiringly and touchingly, from the heart.

Why perform in The Real Full Monty on Ice?

It meant the world to be able to take part in a show that raises awareness for cancer after losing my dad and brother to the illness. More than ever, it’s important to check yourself and talk about any issues as people are too worried to go for check-ups due to Covid-19.

I want to show people that if you have had loss, you can come out the other side of it

I’ve wanted to do this for years. I want to help. If me telling my story, about how I’ve been affected by cancer, can help one person then that’s amazing. My mum has suffered from skin cancer as well, so it’s torn my family apart really. But I also want to show people that if you have had loss, you can come out the other side of it.

What do your friends and family think of you baring all?

They’ve just got used to the fact that I will put myself out of my comfort zone. Nothing really surprises them, I don’t think. They are really excited. My Mum’s really proud of me for doing it. Obviously, with losing my brother and my Dad, she knows how hard it is for me to talk about that. So with the fact that I’m putting myself out there and talking about it in this, she’s really proud. My mates will probably take the p*** out of me when I’m naked on the ice but, you know, it is what it is. Bring it on! 

Share a high and low during filming…

I was in a sling for Monty as I had surgery on my shoulder a few weeks back so I was scared to fall over and hurt myself! I did get to sing and I haven’t sang on TV since 2014 (on The X Factor) so I was very nervous but privileged to do so. 

Was the nudity a challenge?

Well, last year I did the musical Hair, where I had to get naked every day, so the nakedness is not a massive deal to me. I don’t really feel this is about how I look as there’s a much bigger agenda going on with why we are all doing it. 

What’s the most fun memory of filming?

It’s so hard to choose one because we just have such a laugh every day. Me and Chris are kind of the naughty ones. We get told off a lot. We give each other a hard time but, hopefully, it comes across on camera. People might think it looks like we hate each other but we’re actually really close. 

Are you attracted to controversy in your work?

I just like stepping out my comfort zone and shocking people. I don’t mind making a fool of myself so if I’m not great, I’ll still give it a go. Also, I am so impulsive and I do what I think I should, even if I look back and think: ‘Shouldn’t have done that!’ 

Is it true what the cold does to men in terms of, er, shrinkage?

Yes but mine, fortunately, can’t get much smaller so it was all good. I learned a few tricks on tour with The Dreamboys (in 2018) but the last worry for me was about getting naked. It was more about doing a good job and getting the message across – to check yourselves!

What’s a Monty takeaway you could tell your child, who's due in 2021?

I think how I look at everything is…Take opportunities and don’t be scared of criticism as you can’t please everyone. I will pass that on to my new baby.

Our take on Jake: His Monty castmates share…

Linda Lusardi

The most memorable moment and most moving moment was around the campfire when Jake told us his story and what he’s been through. I didn’t know much about him before and I didn’t know his story. It just cut me to the core. I had to go off into the woods and have a good old cry. I couldn’t believe what he’s been through with his brother and his dad. It was heart-wrenching.

Chris Hughes

There are so many comedy moments. Me and Jake have just been hammering each other and giving each other so much stick. Him mainly having a go at me because I can’t ice-skate.

Coleen Nolan

Jake and Chris are like little Labrador puppies – they are really naughty and very untrained! They’ve been so much fun. We’re always laughing, especially on ice. We all went away for a bonding session and it worked. We laughed and cried.

Hayley Tamaddon

Jake and Chris are like double trouble and they keep videoing me saying ridiculous things, then put it on Instagram! I’m so gullible as well –  I just believe everything they say and they keep getting me. Everyone finds that funny.

The Real Full Monty On Ice is on Monday 14th & Tuesday 15th December at 9pm on ITV.

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Jake Quickenden: Bares all from the heart

CC Claire Coakley

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