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Grndhouse: Stay strong with a star squad

CC Claire Coakley

Photography courtesy of Rich Maciver


Let’s start 2021 strong with six of the best in the fitness space. Meet Grndhouse, the new star team to stream…

The future looks bright in the online fitness space. The latest report by Global Market Insights, Inc shows that by 2026 the market valuation of online fitness will cross $30 billion. Key factors behind that hot-property horizon include the rollout of 5G in Europe and North America plus a rise in the number of gyms in Asia Pacific and Europe.

Primed and ready for their time in the sun is Grndhouse, the newest online platform from a London-based team. But what sets them apart from the competitive livestream set? Their focus solely on strength-based training. And, with superstar coaches, a vibe that lifts the spirit along with weights. The combined power of their guns may come in handy to carry a cut of that mega market value.

Who’s in the house?

The team behind Grndhouse are five friends turned co-founders: Jay Copley, Connor Minney and Louis Rennocks, are all former master trainers at Barry’s Bootcamp. Their ex-Barry’s mates include CrossFit coach Nik Naidoo and Izy George who tells her ‘Gram followers. “Ladies, don’t be scared to lift.” Trainer Esmée Gummer, who’s faced Channel Four’s SAS: Who Dares Wins, completes the new team to stream.

The training is structured in a weekly programme of eight unique classes, each targeting key muscle groups. Instructors will teach technique so that gym floor workouts are translated into workouts an audience can stream at home, and aim to build their subscribers’ confidence along with endurance, power and progress.

Here, Jay Copley, a former Royal Marine Commando who is currently based in Dubai, reveals how the new platform is aiming for great heights…

Why is your sole focus on strength training?

“Strength training is a passion that runs through the whole team at Grndhouse. During lockdown in early 2020, the interest in online fitness classes grew and the co-founders and I noticed that sessions were more often cardio and HIIT focused. Generally, cardio and HIIT are viewed as more easily practicable, but we believe that strength-based training should be equally accessible, rather than being reserved for avid gym goers.”

The weekly workout schedule is specifically designed to build our clients up not wear them down

“The Grndhouse weekly workout schedule is specifically designed to build our clients up, not wear them down. No equipment is needed for now - just themselves and energy to unleash. Soon our clients will be able to purchase a Grndhouse bench with weights, so they can have everything ready to get going at home. Long-term, we’ll have a studio to film live classes so we can include a live experience for our workouts.”

What’s the story behind the Grndhouse name?

“The five of us were trying to think of a word with a community reference to it. Then something that represented what people would be doing in our workouts and how our workouts would make them feel. ‘GRND’ came easiest as that’s exactly what you can expect going through a typical Grndhouse class. Then we were trawling through words that are linked to community but none of them were matching very well, until we hit ‘house’. We matched the two and we had our name!”

How key is community and camaraderie?

“Our aim is to create a Grndhouse community among our subscribers wherever they are in the world. We like to have a laugh, we're genuine but, when it comes to programming, we also know what we are doing. 

We have all been in the fitness industry for many years and had seen the shift for fitness to now be online. Companies have been paving the way for cardio workouts at home, but we felt there was a gap for strength workouts online. Working for different fitness brands around the world has taught us all a sense of community, which we’re bringing to Grndhouse.”

Your co-founder Louis Rennocks says: “Clients buy into the trainers.” Is this your secret sauce?

The length and structure of our strength programme is highly beneficial in improving your fitness and body

“Together, we have years of combined training experience and expertise. Most important of all is that we have known each other for a long time and are best friends, which helps when starting a business. 

Our platform is designed for anyone and everyone (globally), therefore being exceptionally accessible. Subscribers will be provided with a great online workout with epic playlists and expert coaching. 

I think all the online fitness ‘big players’ are admirable and inspirational. But we believe that the length and structure of our strength programme is highly beneficial in improving your fitness and body.”

If Grndhouse is giving us attitude, what is it? 

“Our attitude is represented in our values. We are diverse, everybody is welcome, we don’t do labels. We want to be a solid part of everyone’s week, month, year and life. Our tag line is ‘see you tomorrow’.”

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Grndhouse: Stay strong with a star squad

CC Claire Coakley

Photography courtesy of Rich Maciver

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