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Losing it in lockdown? Train to be mindful to ease the strain

Is your mind running riot in lockdown? An expert mindfulness teacher says it takes practice to ease the strain. Like a tennis player, getting on court and getting shots, putting in time equals results.

CC Claire Coakley

How the right nutrition combats stress and enhances immunity

How we eat affects our response to stress and keeps our immune system fighting fit. These simple tricks will help you use that to your advantage.

CL Clarissa Lenherr

Nailing a workout with a baby

The arrival of a baby doesn’t have to mean the end of workouts. Pre and postnatal fitness coach Sophie Kay shares ways to keep moving with a little one in tow.

SK Sophie Kay

Grndhouse: Stay strong with a star squad

Grndhouse aims to make strength your superpower. Jay Copley reveals why he’s behind the newest online fitness studio to build your endurance, stability and progress. 2021 – Bring it on.

CC Claire Coakley

Up and onwards: Wake up to 2021

Make mornings matter with a mindset or brew. Harnessing energy or healing heartache? Here’s the expert advice for first things first…

CC Claire Coakley

Biohack your way to better health

Biohacking – the wellness buzzword that’s got us feeling all scientific. Here, nutritionist Clarissa Lenherr shares how to get started.

CL Clarissa Lenherr

Berry Christmas! Fit as fifty

Currently filling our boots (not trainers) for Christmas before we commit to a Halle new year. If it looks like this, that’s inspo enough for us.

LM Lucy Miller

Best face forward: 5 trends show beauty is looking ahead

2020 – not a good look! Here are 5 fresh beauty trends, selected by experts, to welcome in the new year.

AB Amelia Bell

Manage your IBS this Christmas

Nutritional therapist Claire Barnes shares how sufferers of IBS can avoid the digestive drama this Christmas.

WE W Editor

Merry Christmas to your core: Stream workouts not boxsets

Motivated to keep festive fit? Follow Lawrence, Rhiannon, Zoë, Lottie-Daisy & Ben for inspo and healthy habits…

LM Lucy Miller

Roger Frampton on the magic of daily stretching

Why is the stretch moving centre-stage in fitness routines? Model and movement coach Roger Frampton explains the extend factor.

RW Rachel V Wall

Hard to stomach: Tips to digest those festive favourites

The three festive foods that could be behind your digestive discomfort this Christmas.

RW Rachel V Wall

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