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Wellness Influencer Sophie Jaffe’s Berry Rose Latte



Wellness influencer Sophie Jaffe’s Berry Rose Latte

Fancy the recipe to a berry rose latte which is packed full of superfoods and the most Instagram-ready drink you’ll make this year? You’re in the right place. 

Sophie Jaffe, founder of wellness brand Philosophie, is a renowned wellness influencer, raw food expert and holistic health advocate dedicated to bringing us inspiring and delicious ways to realise optimal health. 

Her brand, Philosophie has formulated a unique range of superfoods and cleanses which have been touted by health enthusiasts and Hollywood royalty alike (ahem, George Clooney). It’s hardly surprising, products like Philosophie Superfood + Protein Blend can wear their name with pride, have been granted superfood status due to their incredible nutrient density. 

You can also find Sophie leading weekly intuitive movement classes every Sunday afternoon at 16:30. More details are available at: Livekick.com/Sophie. 


Berry Rose Latte Recipe

This beautiful latte is rich in superfoods and easy on the eye. Just add a touch of cinnamon and rose petals to feel the closest you have to Mayfair in months. Get your hands on some Philosophie Berry Bliss Superfood + Protein Blend, and Berry Bee Honey (for a good hit of vitamin C) and you’re off.

Grab this:

1 cup coconut milk (or an alternative milk of your choice)

1 tsp Berry Bliss Superfood + Protein Blend

1 tsp Berry Bee Honey

1 tbsp coconut butter

¼ tsp cinnamon

Optional: dried rose petals

Do this:

Use a blender to combine all the ingredients together and heat slowly on the hob. Finally, garnish with rose petals and enjoy the most aesthetically appealing coffee break.

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