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Nivea’s New Perfume is Literally Summer in a Bottle



Nivea’s new perfume is literally summer in a bottle

It’s raining outside and you’re on the sofa with a duvet when you should be in Barcelona for your best mate’s hen but there’s still something you can do to recreate the thrill of summer. Nivea has launched an EDT exclusive to Amazon, designed around the original Nivea sun cream scent and it is crazy popular. 

With many of us cancelling all holiday plans for the foreseeable, this new eau de toilette from Nivea has come just in the nick of time. Smells have a powerful impact on memory, with studies showing that of all the senses, our olfactory system (basically, noses) draw the strongest connection with past experiences.  

The fragrance sought to capture the emotions of summer and layers fresh, sunny notes with that iconic creamy smell eventually settling to take us straight to the beach.

Priced at £22, you’ll only find this marvellous creation on Amazon. 

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