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Interview with Founder of The Perfect V



Avonda Nelson Urben is the Founder of the Perfect V, the first luxury line of skincare designed and formulated for the V area.


What inspired you to start The Perfect V?

I noticed that there were no luxury products for the bikini area - just inexpensive formulas in bulky and unattractive packaging that screamed the problem (Odor, in-grown hairs, etc). Women globally groom the bikini area and there should be more upscale options. So I developed a full regimen - Intimate Skincare - efficacious products that had a beauty angle. Everything about the product line was developed to make a woman feel more confident about herself. The messaging is that she is special and this area of the body had been overlooked and it was about time that women had some luxury products for the bikini area.  


What do you love most about your job?

I love to see women light up when they actually see the line and know what it is for. We have such a great time talking about it. Going into the stores and spas and salons training the sales staff and aestheticians is especially fulfilling. They are so grateful to have some products they can really stand behind and make hair removal service much more than just a tactical activity but rather a beauty regimen. 


Do you have any role models that you aspire to?

I think that all women who start their own business have a certain energy and determination that I find inspiring. Their drive to offer innovative products and ideas to women everywhere - I get so motivated hearing their stories and it drives me even further. I also admire the women who help the founders get their vision executed. There are lots of unsung heros behind the scenes who assist with creating a brand - I’ve worked with some amazingly talented and driven women and they inspire me every day. 


What’s it like living in Denmark compared to NYC?

Two totally different places! - but I love them both immensely. I consider NYC to be my hometown - I went to college there, had my beauty career, got married, and had my children there. It has a certain energy and I thrive on the interaction with everyone - you can meet so many interesting people there. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living - you are surrounded by the very best in their field and there is a certain feeling of optimism that can’t be achieved anywhere else. Moving to Copenhagen was exhilarating because it was a totally different experience. I got in tune with nature - the forest, the sea and countryside was ever present and a part of my daily existence. Riding a bike to meetings seemed so foreign to me - that is, until I started doing it so naturally. They have a saying “it’s not bad weather, it’s bad gear” and it is so true. When it is raining, just wear the right attire and no big deal. I loved this closeness to the weather and nature - it really gave me another perspective on life. This idea of Intimate Skincare came to me while living there because I was much more open and in tune with my physical body. If I had to choose a place to live - I would have to choose BOTH!!!


Did you have a background in beauty before you started the Perfect V?

I’ve been working in the beauty industry for a long time - with global companies - L’Oreal Paris, Revlon and smaller entrepreneurial companies. It’s such a dynamic industry and I have to admit I am a beauty junkie - meaning I try everything! I just love product and am amazed at all the wonderful products being introduced all the time. 


If you had to share one piece of advice what would it be?

It really is true that you should pursue a career in something that you find super interesting and feel you have a certain talent for that field. If you are passionate about it, then don’t fight it - figure out how to make a living at it. You will enjoy your life so much more when working in a field you really love. 


How do you keep fit and healthy?

Hmmm. I try. Probably not the best at it since I sit a lot! I am constantly at my desk and have to remind myself to get up and stretch a bit. I do work out most days and also take a mini walk so that I can continue to get a little fresh air!  When in Denmark I love the winter bathing and daily bike riding because those were great ways to keep fit. 


Which one of your V products could you not live without?

A tough question to answer - but if I had to say one - I love the VV Cream Intensive.  I have been waxing or sugaring for years and I tend to get dry in the bikini area. This cream moisturizes the area, helps with in-growns and in general feels super pampering.  I love that the packaging is simple and elegant - if someone sees it in my bathroom, no one knows what it is for and I like that! 

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