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Getting Through Lockdown with ThreeDots the Masters of CBD



Getting through lockdown with ThreeDots the masters of CBD

Feeling anxious? Losing sleep? Increasing numbers of us have turned to CBD to alleviate these woes. ThreeDots, who launched their naturally flavoured CBD sparkling water at the start of the year, know a little something about unwinding and are here to share their top five tips to get through isolation. 

1) Take time for yourself, now is the time to let go of guilt and embrace extra time. 

2) It’s really important to try and get your brain into a flow state at least once a day. You can do this through meditating, playing an instrument or even gardening, let yourself zone out and get completely engrossed in whatever you’re doing.

3) Personal grooming and looking after your body. It feels good to feel good (and it also balances out the pajama look). 

4) Breathing exercises are the ultimate life hack. The Wim Hof method is a favorite over at ThreeDots. 

5) Try to sit in silence for just a few minutes whenever you can. Stop ‘doing’ and just let yourself ‘feel’. 

Fancy a calm-inducing CBD hit? ThreeDots is stocked in all Planet Organic stores. 

Shop now at: Planet Organic

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