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After your run, show your muscles some TLC with this Revitalising Gel from Mio. The lightweight formula glides across your skin, absorbing fast to avoid any kind of greasy, sticky residue being left over.

Suitable for use both before and after exercise, the muscle gel drenches your skin in an invigorating cocktail of botanical ingredients. Ideal for tired muscles, it helps your body feel its best as you stay active.


Running is not always the gentlest of pastimes on our bodies. Runner’s knee, shins splints, Achilles tendinitis – the possibilities are as endless as they are painful, so neglect to consider your trainers at your peril.

These beauties from Hoka feature a padded collar that delivers enhanced comfort at the ankle and an extended heel which creates a softer landing and smoother transition from heel to toe. Watch the video here

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