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This season and long into 2021, it looks like smart casual footwear will be dominated by the reinvention of the humble sports shoe. Expect to see sleek runners, skateboarding slip-ons and tennis trainers in gyms and restaurants alike as brands like Berluti, Louis Vuitton and Gucci get in on the retro action.

Common Projects has a knack for issuing minimal, high-quality kicks that fast become invaluable in your wardrobe. This pair has suede and ripstop uppers stamped with signature gold serial numbers. 


At some point, we began differentiating between trainer-trainers and smart trainers, crowning the latter sneakers. They’re an essential staple for any wardrobe so the case to invest in a premium pair is pretty strong.

We love these camo runners by Tom Ford in nylon mesh and featuring sock opening reminiscent of Nike's original Huarache design.  

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