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Whether it’s kickstarting your day or instilling a sense of calm at the end of it, the simple joy of lighting your favourite candle, watching the flicker and the aroma fill the room can do wonders for your wellbeing.

“Pure Noir is such a personal scent. It reminds me of my travels to all of my favorite cities around the world, staying at cozy boutique hotels, exploring new neighborhoods.” 

Anine Bing, Founder & Chief Creative Officer.


Ophelia candles are hand poured using a blend of soy wax and essential oils. With a design-led aesthetic and natural ethos, the non-toxic candles are kinder to the planet too.

As for the scent blends, Mazzy and Dev use homeopathy to create each fragrance with a time of day or location used to create different moods—like the uplifting aromas of ylang ylang in At Sunrise; or the therapeutic sweet orange found in At Midnight.

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