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Tagged Yoga


The secret addition to England Rugby’s World Cup training armoury revealed…

As the England Rugby team approach their next World Cup game this weekend, the fundamentals to training and preparation have been key for the team’s success on the pitch.

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Go With The Flow: Find Your Perfect Yoga Class with Frame

We've been working with our amazing team of yoga instructors, to make it SUPER clear what type of class you're going to turn up to.

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Q & A with Alma Deli

Alma Deli is an information platform focused on wellbeing, food, health and consciousness. We share this information and research through PLANT-BASED FOOD and INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS.

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Founder series: Lotus on Air

Here we catch up with Andrea Vasiliou - actress, model and co-founder of Lotus on Air, a beautiful new line of activewear.

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