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Q & A with Alma Deli

What is the Alma story? How did it all begin? 

The inspiration behind Alma was essentially to create a point of unity between the self and the body, between each of us. 

Alma is a channel to bring each of us back to our natural state, to our essence.


Whilst I began working on the concept through compiling all the wisdom shared by different indigenous tribes in South America and India,  I suddenly began struggling with my health. From one day to the next, I developed intolerances to many foods. 

Not only did it effect me physically, I felt an imbalance between my body and my spirit. So I began researching how to find that point of balance between body & soul, as well as what triggers health deficiencies and how they can be healed. 


Food  has a massive impact on our vitality and life fore , as 80% of our immunity is stored in our intestine. Everything we eat, has an effect on our immune system and our well being as a whole. 

The journey of Alma began to shift and the focus is to become conscious of the 3 key channels of our being:   

- Physical 

- Mental/ Emotional 

- Soul

It’s challenging to keep all three parts of self in balance. As soon as one is out of balance, illness, sadness, anxiety or stress can manifest. Stress is very common, most of us have encountered it. It is the “disease” of the 21st century. What is the cure? Balance and consciousness.

With all Alma Channels we create a formula to awaken the memory of who we really are: our natural state.

Yoga at Alma

What is special about the experience at Alma?

The Alma experience is to come back to our natural state.
We come from nature and through our practices, our food and our communication we journey back to our roots, which come from the Elements. 


The Alma Space, which we just opened is a sanctuary of calmness, where we nurture, balance and elevate the physical, mental/emotional and energetic parts of ourselves. 


We also have a large part of the space dedicated to Alma Kids. 

Alma Kids is an initiative to create and support consciousness from a young age. We offer a wide range of activities to support a connection between the inner self and the outer world. This we do through Tibetan Singing Bowls, Yoga, Capoeirah and Plant Based Cooking. The most popular class with the kids is our Crystal Labs. 

Singing Bowls at Alma

When do you open and what can we expect?

We are opening the Alma space this week, you can experience a variety of holistic practices, with fun facts that make you go deeper, whilst enjoying a delicious, medicinal food. 

Cooking at Alma

Tell us more about your deli and these Chakra Boxes? 

The Chakras are energy centres in and around our bodies. There are certain foods that balance these energy centres. This comes from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. We also incooperate the wisdom of Chinese Medicine. 

Our lunch boxes are created with a formula, that we have researched and developed together with scientists and  medical specialists focused on gut health. We bring together the ancient sciences as well as the cutting edge science of today. 


All our food is plant based and its important to have a balanced meal that brings together seasonal produce, spices and herbs  to support our life force. 


 Food is the first act of love, between a mother and a child, between the self and the body, between each of us.

Every food has an information & energy, that effects every cell, every atom in our body. It is also through food that we can find balance and healing. The answers that I couldn’t find in modern day medicine, can be found in nature. From herbs, plants, vegetables and grains; food provides natural medicine.


From the moment the seed is planted to the moment the food lands on our plate, there is a chain of information, energy and intention in that very meal you are eating. This very intention is the vibration of the food we consume and absorb.

Crystals at Alma

Discover Alma Deli now at 11 Eccleston Street and more https://www.almadeli.com/


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