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Project restart by James Cannon

These images are an expression of freedom at one of the most beautiful locations in our capital.

PF Photographic feature

Bruce almighty: Motivational lessons from a legend

He made martial arts look magnetic and Bruce Lee was as fascinating a philosopher as a fighter. Here, Shannon Lee shares gems from her father...

CC Claire Coakley

Straight up, people: Pilates power

Welcome your working week with our new Pilates contributor, Kerrie-Anne Bradley, who will advise on improving your posture and performance.

KB Kerrie-Anne Bradley

Best bootcamps: Building fitness and character

Autumn is an ideal time to head for the great outdoors, so we’ve found half a dozen of the best boot camps out there. Brace yourselves...

RW Rachel V Wall

Putting gua sha to the test: We go all in

Aiming to treat back pain, migraines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, it’s no wonder so many of us are reaching for the jade. But how does this wonder tool work?

RW Rachel V Wall

Have you blacklisted gluten? Read this before parting ways with wheat

Can going gluten free do more harm than good? It's certainly big business.

RW Rachel V Wall

CBD… A closer look

CBD has become the latest poster child of wellness. Touted for its abilities to relieve stress, pain and inflammation, this business is booming.

RW Rachel V Wall

Steph’s table: Family food goes glossy

Steph Taylor creates food that looks both good enough to eat and is ready for its Instagram close-up. She shares it at @The_Taylor_Table from home in Oxfordshire. This is family grub made glam in shots packed with colour, texture and herbs from the garden.

WE W Editor

Achilles heal: The comeback from a downfall is a winning feeling

In solidarity with World Mental Health Day we kick-off our Achilles Heal series with men who’ve learned from their flaws. From fear to negative thinking, here’s how good it feels to come back from a potential downfall.

CC Claire Coakley

Product edit: Your gym kit update (part 2)

We’ve gathered the best in new athleisure wear and accessories so you can freshen up your kit and fire up your motive.

RW Rachel V Wall

Product edit: Your gym kit update (part 1)

We’ve rounded up some of the best new athleisure wear and gym accessories to help you reconnect to your training-mojo, whatever the weather.

RW Rachel V Wall

Dr. Frankie on why breast aware is best

For her latest W Edit column, Dr Frankie busts some myths about breast cancer and gives a guide to your lookout-for-lumps checklist. She always shares why, when it comes to health, Angelina Jolie is an inspiration.

FJ Dr Frankie Jackson-Spence

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