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In the mood for high-vibe food

When your gut feeling leads the way in the kitchen, your mind and body will love you for it.

UB Ursel Barnes

Cristian MJC challenges himself (and lockdown) with CrossFit

Challenging times call for challenges, if you’re Christian MJC. Here, he reveals how 30 days of CrossFit led him to further challenge himself and how it sorts both lockdown boredom and an unfit physique.

RW Rachel V Wall

Finlay Quaile: A model pro hockey player

At 20, Finlay Quaile is leading in his field (hockey) when he plays for St Germain in Paris. In a 60-minute game he can cover up to 9km so, to stay at peak fitness, he steps away from alcohol and fast food and trains intensely. Here’s how…

RW Rachel V Wall

The breakfast (and pasta dish) of champions

When your partner is a pro athlete and you’re a food blogger, the kitchen is where the magic happens. Camilla shows how she and Pablo stay on the right track at home in Barcelona.

CL Camilla J Lovell

8 great Black Friday wellness brand deals

The hottest health and wellness discounts to see you through from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

RW Rachel V Wall

Grassroots football by James Cannon

The awesome women’s team Victoria Park Vixens Football Club.

PF Photographic feature

How much protein do you actually need?

The Naked Nutritionist shares his protein 101.

RW Rachel V Wall

Keeping hair healthy during the colder months

The wind and rain can wreak havoc with our hair, so give it some love during winter.

RW Rachel V Wall

Magic Mike: The world’s fittest 67 year old?

Seven secrets for seven decades of peak-level fitness ? Meet Mike Millen, who throws logs, treks to Everest basecamp and models. Vintage chic.

MM Mike Millen

5 ways interior design can improve your wellness

It makes sense when you think about it - compare how you feel in a busy, noisy space with being in a library or by the sea… Our surroundings definitely influence what’s happening in our minds.

WE W Editor

Lunar tunes: Moon rituals to get in touch with your celestial side

If your tolerance of astrology and all things deemed woo-woo is low, this millennial-led lunar trend will leave you in the dark. If you're open to tuning in we'll show you how to feel over the moon.

RW Rachel V Wall

Flora Beverley: Why it's cool to be kind

The first Social Media Kindness Day has seen high-profile support (including a post from Meghan Markle) and inspires words of wisdom from W Edit's own Flora Beverley.

FB Flora Beverley

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